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Canada Day

Concordia Lutheran Seminary will be closed for Canada Day. We will return to regular hours Thursday, July 2, 2020. Happy Canada Day and may God bless you all.
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May 29, 2020 Sacred Convocation

MARK THE DATE: Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Edmonton Sacred Convocation Friday, May 29, 2020 7:00 p.m. MDT Live ONLINE at:
Watch from home as SEVEN new pastoral candidates receive their first Call into ministry, and TWO vicar/interns are placed for service. We thank God for His marvelous blessing upon these men and their families, and upon His Church here in Canada, as Lutheran servants and congregations are connected through this assignment. Graduating students will also receive their degrees and theological diplomas.
Honoree Fran Wershler will receive the Faith in Life recognition. Nearly two-thirds ($650,000) of the funding needed to train these pastors and vicar/interns comes from congregations and individuals across the Church. Thank you for your critical role as a donor to train these pastors (and deacons). Because we are mission minded, a tithe of our convocation donations will also support the LCC mission work in Southeast Asia, where four of our graduates s…

Current Access to CLS

Outside of our core faculty and staff, we ask all others toemail or call for an appointment before coming to the seminary. We will then enforce these guidelines from the Alberta Health site:
Should students/parents/guardians wish to access a school facility, they must follow these guidelines: Anyone sick with respiratory symptoms (even if symptoms resemble a very mild cold) should not be allowed to enter.Staff should be actively asking those who enter if they are having any respiratory symptoms, which would include (but not limited to) fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, etc.Hand washing must take place when entering and exiting the school. This may be done by either using soap and water (for a minimum of 20 seconds) or by using alcohol-based hand sanitizer.Less than 50 people should occupy a single space (e.g. classroom, hallway, and gymnasium) at a single time.The principles of social distancing should apply. A minimum distance of two meters must be maintained between individuals.

COVID-19 update

Dear Friends in Christ. As of 5:30 Sunday evening, March 15, 2020, Alberta Health has updated and refined some of its citizen protections. One of them is that even though post-secondary campuses will remain open, students are prohibited from attending in person. We are prepared to deliver our classes online, as much as possible, though with some adaptations. For more information, see We want to comply with our public health officials in love for God that is also demonstrated by love for the neighbour. Overall, our goal is good health for each of us and our families, and a long and healthy future for our whole Church. We pray that God might be able to use this to strengthen witness to Christ and faith, hope, and trust in God. Again, there will be no classes, chapel services, or student gatherings held on the CLS campus until further notice. We will keep you posted about how this will impact the remainder of the academic year, …

At the Seminary

We appreciate your prayers, partnership, and financial support for all the ways Concordia Lutheran Seminary works to form servants for Jesus' sake.
This winter's Short Term World Religions course had 4 students and Dr. Gimbel traveling to Thailand and Cambodia. It was a life-changing experience for them. We recently hosted the Concordia Lutheran Mission Society for one of their meetings. It was an opportunity for our students to meet with them, learn more about what they do, and to find ways to support each other. The CLS and CLTS Board of Regents will be meeting jointly February 4 and 5 at CLS.  The Ministerial Programme Committee will meet together and with students February 6 and 7. Our annual Timothy Lecture is scheduled for February 27 featuring Rev. Dr. Steven Harold. Pre-placement interviews will be unfolding for each of our students and, if married, his spouse (for both vicarage and first calls) in future weeks. The Final Overarching Exams (FOEs) will also involve our f…

Quest is coming!

The Lutheran Liturgy: how and why we worship as we do Mark your calendar and plan to attend.
January 28, February 4, 11, and 18, 20207:00-9:00 p.m. Mountain Time

January 28 First things: What is the Liturgy? And Preparing to Enter God’s Presence This week we will look at the basics of liturgy and the first part of the Divine Service: the Service of Preparation which includes the Invocation as well as Confession and Absolution.

February 4 The Service of the Word part 1: Preparing to Hear from God This week we will look at the first part of the Service of the Word. This will focus on the dialogue between us and God as we enter into His presence and bring our first prayers to God.

February 11 The Service of the Word part 2: God Speaks to Us and We Respond This week we look at the climax of the Service of the Word, namely God’s speaking to us in the Scripture readings and sermon, as well as then how we respond to God’s Word in prayer and with our offerings.

February 18 …