Seminary Sunday

Seminary Sunday Resources 2007 PDF
September 23rd has been designated Seminary Sunday across Canada so that we can bring our educational institutions before the people of Lutheran churches across the country.  There are two LCC seminaries in Canada, one in St. Catharines and one in Edmonton. Our seminaries are dedicated to the formation of church workers who bring God’s message of reconciliation through proclamation and ministry to Lutherans in Canada.  Over one hundred pastors have graduated from Edmonton’s Concordia Lutheran Seminary and gone primarily into Western Canadian congregations as servants for Jesus’ sake.
With the success of the last two and a half decades of graduate seminary education, there is still a pressing need to gather more students into the program and prepare more servants for congregations, missions, and service – and the need is expected to greatly increase in the immediate future.
You can help meet the need for full-time servants working in God’s harvest field:
  • Pray that God will stir men’s hearts to offer their lives in preparation and commitment to the life of public ministry as pastors who proclaim God’s message of reconciliation and administer God’s sacraments,
  • Encourage men to consider pastoral ministry, support them in the decision, and let the Seminary know about them,
  • Support the Seminary financially and encourage faculty, staff, and students as they pursue the tasks of Seminary life.


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