International Lutheran Council presentation (ILC)

On January 24, 2008, at 1pm, members of the CLS faculty will be giving a multimedia presentation on the International Lutheran Council, and the ILC ILC Canadian Contingent - South Africa 2007world seminaries Conference that takes place every 3 years. The most recent conference was held in Pretoria, South Africa, in March & April 2007.
This presentation will include pictures and sounds from the African Experience, and will be of interest to students, faculty & staff, as well guests who might have a personal interest in the subject.
(Pictured L-R: Dr. Harald Tomesch, CLTS; Dr. Thomas Winger, CLTS; Dr. Ralph Mayan, LCC; Dr. Manfred Zeuch, CLS; Dr. Stephen Chambers, CLS; Dr. Edward Kettner, CLS)


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