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A Visit to Kitimat

Prof. Jonathan Kraemer, Director of Vicarage, recently (the weekend of Feb. 9-10) visited Vicar Clint Magnus and family.  Vicar Clint was assigned as the vicar of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Kitimat, B.C.  but has also conducted Bible studies and services in nearby Terrace.  Pastor Alan Visser of Zion Lutheran Church in Prince George is serving as Vicar Clint’s vicarage supervisor.  Prof. Kraemer reports that Joyce and Clint, as well as children Hillary and Marshall have enjoyed their time in Kitimat and give thanks to God for all the experiences they have had there.  Vicarage, normally the third year of the four year M.Div. program, is a year of immersion in the practical aspects of ministry in a congregation of Lutheran Church-Canada under the mentorship of an experienced Pastor.  The Director of Vicarage normally visits the vicars during the year to receive evaluation from the supervising pastor and vicar on the vicar’s progress, to express support for the vicar’s wife and family, a

RUSH event, March 14th

Once again, the seminarians are hosting a RUSH event for all local youth. The theme for the event is Press on Toward the Goal, and features worship, games, fellowship, fun, and a chance to compete for the Roadkill Cup. The event begins at 7pm on Friday evening, and is intended for those age 12 and up.

Placement process underway

It's that time of year when graduating students are starting to look forward to serving in their first parish. They will be assigned to their first calls at Sacred Convocation on Friday, May 2nd. Between now and then, LCC's "Placement Committee" will be matching each graduating student with a parish that has requested a pastoral candidate. The Director of Placement, Dr. Chambers, has now completed interviews with this year's grads and will be representing them throughout the entire process. It's a time of anticipation... and anxiety. Your prayers for the graduating students, and the parishes seeking a new pastor, are most welcome. The Ministerial Program Committee (MPC) is also meeting this week. On Friday, Feb.22nd, the five members of CLS' MPC will interview first- and second-year students. The committee hopes to be able to recommend to the faculty that all of the first-year men be accepted as candidates for the seminary's "Theological Diploma

New crucifix for CLS chapel

An original sculpture by Edmonton artist Kenneth Manning was recently donated by the Seminary Guild. The crucifix hangs 130 cm above the altar on the chapel’s outside wall against the panorama of the North Saskatchewan River valley. The cross was blessed and consecrated by President Zeuch on February 7th in a chapel service lead by Professor Kraemer. The service had a theme of “contemplating the holy of Christ.” The congregation also sang, “When I survey the Wondrous Cross.” Lutheran theology and spirituality tends to emphasize a crucifix rather than an empty cross for the altar, understanding that Christ became flesh and still remains with us also in his human nature. He gives His real body and blood in the Holy Supper. The image in wood of the suffering Christ, on the cross, is to be a devotional object for our faith. It symbolizes and reminds us of our sins and His sacrifice for our salvation. In Him, dead but resurrected for us, we have new life. Thus CLS also has an empty cross st

Missionary for Lunch

Last week, the faculty and students were blessed to hear from Martin Weber of Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada (LBT).  Martin and his wife Joan have worked on Bible translation and literacy with the Kwanja people since they went to Cameroon in 1982.  Martin and Joan, with co-workers Jerome and Emmanuel, finished typesetting the Kwanja New Testament in December 2005. The New Testament was dedicated in Yimbéré, Cameroon with great celebration December 30, 2006.    The mission of Lutheran Bible Translators of Canada is to help bring people to faith in Jesus Christ by making the Word of God available to those who do not yet have it in the language of their hearts.