New crucifix for CLS chapel

An original sculpture by Edmonton artist Kenneth Manning was recently donated by the Seminary Guild. The crucifix hangs 130 cm above the altar on the chapel’s outside wall against the panorama of the North Saskatchewan River valley. The cross was blessed and consecrated by President Zeuch on February 7th in a chapel service lead by Professor Kraemer. The service had a theme of “contemplating the holy of Christ.” The congregation also sang, “When I survey the Wondrous Cross.”
crucifixLutheran theology and spirituality tends to emphasize a crucifix rather than an empty cross for the altar, understanding that Christ became flesh and still remains with us also in his human nature. He gives His real body and blood in the Holy Supper. M Zeuch and crucifixThe image in wood of the suffering Christ, on the cross, is to be a devotional object for our faith. It symbolizes and reminds us of our sins and His sacrifice for our salvation. In Him, dead but resurrected for us, we have new life. Thus CLS also has an empty cross standing beside the altar and the crucifix.
May the contemplation of His salvation work for us bless and strengthen the faith of each one who enters the chapel of Concordia Lutheran Seminary and worships with our community!


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