Placement process underway

It's that time of year when graduating students are starting to look forward to serving in their first parish. They will be assigned to their first calls at Sacred Convocation on Friday, May 2nd. Between now and then, LCC's "Placement Committee" will be matching each graduating student with a parish that has requested a pastoral candidate.
The Director of Placement, Dr. Chambers, has now completed interviews with this year's grads and will be representing them throughout the entire process. It's a time of anticipation... and anxiety. Your prayers for the graduating students, and the parishes seeking a new pastor, are most welcome.
The Ministerial Program Committee (MPC) is also meeting this week. On Friday, Feb.22nd, the five members of CLS' MPC will interview first- and second-year students. The committee hopes to be able to recommend to the faculty that all of the first-year men be accepted as candidates for the seminary's "Theological Diploma," leading to a pastorate in Lutheran Church-Canada.
With the second-year students, the committee anticipates recommending that they be assigned to full-year vicarages during the 2008-2009 academic year.


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