Sacred Convocation

The 24th Academic Year comes to a close tonight at the Robert Tegler Student Centre of Concordia University College of Alberta beginning at 7:00pm. Placement details will be posted here after the ceremony.
The Candidates for both the Degree of Master of Divinity and Theological Diploma are Curtis Mark Boehm of Langley, British Columbia and Murray Roy Keith of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Their research topics are The Practice of Spiritual Retreat and Defending the Truth to a Relativistic Culture, respectively.
The Vicarage class of 2008 is Dan Barr of Barrhead, Alberta, Jeffery B. Dul of Edmonton, Alberta, and Ling Pui Yeong of Hong Kong.
Our guest speaker is The Rev. Dr. Gerald Krispin, President of Concordia University College of Alberta.
For background on the tradition of the annual Sacred Convocation, click here.


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