Seminary Evaluates & Plans 2008-2009

evaluation meetingThe Seminary’s Second Annual Institutional Evaluation Meeting took place May 27nd at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Edmonton. The evaluation meeting was conducted in an open spirit of self-critical discussion and constructive encouragement, including lively conversation and good food.
The yearly meeting follows the individual staff and facultyself-evaluation process and results in reports that are orally presented and approved by the institution’s leadership and relevant governance bodies.  The review looked at short and long term objectives, weaknesses and strengths, and proposals for the coming year for the institution and each of its departments as well as the external and internal constraints under which it operates.
Opportunities and challenges wereidentified, and strategies were proposed for institutional growth and improvement. Faculty, Board members, staff, and volunteers participated. Personnel and departments asked for special focus on major concerns in their current development and areas of change.


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