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First Annual Research Forum

On September 11 CLS promoted its first Annual Research Forum. Faculty and a guest presenter discussed the Theological research they completed in the past year. A graduate school's vocation - as it is for any university - is carried out on a triangular basis, with each point supporting and sustaining the others: · Teaching (in the sense of formal education) · Research · Extension As an academic place, our school is also a place, then, where knowledge is revisited, built and shared in formal and informal education. Our seminary supports each professor's research by allocating time and means for formal research. Each year, research projects are received and approved; completed projects are shared with the larger community; and final results of each project are evaluated for publication in various ways: either as research articles in specialized journals, or as a doctoral thesis, or as a book. The inaugural forum’s guest presenter was Rev. Mark Sander, pastor in Mannsville,

Love Life Conference

A Life Issues conference held at Concordia University College of Alberta on Nov.15 from 9:00 to 4:30. Love Life 2008 Poster Love Life 2008 Information Letter Love Life 2008 Registration Form Love Life 2008 Bulletin Announcements