Dr. Wilhelm Weber visits CLS

Sem assembly w WeberDr. Wilhelm Weber Jr., Rector of Lutheran TheologicalSeminary Tshwane near Pretoria, South Africa dropped in for a visit and meeting recently to discuss potential cooperation between LTS Tschwane and CLS. He was able to present an impromptu informational session for the Seminary community, including vicars and vicarage supervisors who were meeting in Edmonton. Dr. Weber spoke about the opportunities and challenges of working with a Lutheran Seminary in southern Africa.
As part of the International Lutheran Council, LTS Tshwane works with churches and seminaries in Africa and other countries such as Canada (CLS and CLTS as part of Lutheran Church–Canada) and the United States (Concordia Seminary as part of Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod). In fact, Dr. Zeuch is scheduled to visit and teach at LTS Tshwane next year.Kettner, Weber, Zeuch.jpg
In the midst of the economic hardships across African countries,Lutheran churches are growing and needing trained pastors for their churches. CLS wants to work with seminaries like LTS Tshwane and others in countries around the world like, for instance, Brazil, to develop programs that can meet the needs of church workers who are called to proclaim the Gospel and administer the sacraments.


  1. Dr. Wilhelm Weber presentation is excellent.


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