Adopt-A-Student Update

Most seminarians come to the Seminary after completing a degree program taking three or four years. The students whether married or single come to Edmonton for two years, go to a church for vicarage for a year and then return for a final year at the seminary in Edmonton. The transitions, although often burdensome, help students to come to terms with real life pastoral situations. The vicarage congregation, Synod, and the seminary closely supervise and participate in the formation of the seminarian as a future pastor.
The Seminary’s Adopt–a–Student program connects community supporters with specific students. The seminary identifies the student to adopt and encourages him to make contact with supporters by supplying information about his studies and himself, including biographies, background and photos. The seminary asks supporters to communicate with the student and to pray regularly for him. Hopefully, too, the student shares his living situation and the adopter supports the student materially as well. All of the donations given through the Adopt–a–Student program go to the adopted student.


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