CLS in Israel

Just one day before leaving for Israel, Dr. Chambers writes:
Hi all;
As many of you know, I'm leaving tomorrow (Thurs 17th) to spend 6 weeks in Israel as the first phase of my sabbatical from Concordia Lutheran Seminary. Both in 2006 and in 2008 I wrote a blog while working on the dig at Hippos, and apparently a lot of folks back home enjoyed following it, so I've been encouraged to get it going again this time.
The first entry was just posted this morning, giving an outline of what I'm hoping to be up to during this time away. Obviously you are under no compulsion whatsover to read it! However, if you are interested, by all means I invite you to follow along. If you find it's worth reading, feel free to pass along the link to your family and friends as well.
To access the blog, go to is the site that's devoted to keeping folks up to date about what's going on with the Hippos excavations. You might find some other things of interest on that page too. In particular, my blog is listed on the left under "team blogs!" (I'm not sure why it has an exclamation mark). Click there and you'll be taken right to the blog.
I don't know how often I'll be able to post from Israel during the first two weeks especially since I'm moving around and may not have easy internet access. However, I'll post whenever I can. And from Sunday 3 July onward, web access should be pretty regular-- that's when the whole dig team arrives, including 9 other people who are making this trip in association with our seminary. The U.S.-based folks, who are from Concordia University, St. Paul, MN, will set up a wireless hub after they arrive. So from that point on, if not before, the blog should be pretty regular.
As you can imagine, I'm tremendously excited about the adventure that's about to begin. At the same time, I covet your prayers, not only for my personal safety and well-being but also for the whole dig-team and, more broadly still, all who live and work and visit the Middle East. It's both a beautiful land full of promise and history, and a tense place full of overlapping and competing interests. May the Lord preserve--and bless--all who look to Him for help, and remember all the wonders he
Blessings to you all, in Christ!
[editor's note: you  can also find a Hippos button on the seminary homepage]


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