Timothy Lectures - Dr. James Nestingen - October 7

Each year a seasoned and effective pastor shares his experience from pastoral life for the benefit of CLS students and community at the annual Timothy Lectures. This year's guest is Dr. James Nestingen, Professor Emeritus of Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. He will speak to students on the topics of Repentance, Confession, and Absolution, drawing on his three decades of experience as a pastor and seminary professor. Throughout the day on Thursday, October 7th (8:45am to 3:00pm), Dr. Nestingen will share three lectures; Law, Gospel and Repentance in Confession; A Broken Narrative: Discerning Repentance in Hearing Confession; and Resolving the Narrative in Christ: Declaring the Absolution.
The Timothy Lectures traditionally provide sound, challenging, practical insight to ministers-in-the-making. Pastors speak in personal and candid ways about their lives in the parish. Each Timothy Lecture takes place over one or two days giving participants the opportunity to focus on one topic quickly and in-depth. Generous anonymous donations have made it possible to offer the Lectures free of charge.
Please feel free to join us for a continental breakfast prior to the Timothy Lectures sessions next Thursday morning, from 8:15 a.m. to *:45 here at the Seminary


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