New Chapel Art

CLS received a unique donation from Cornelis [Neil] Prinsen this summer. Neil is a retired art teacher from Vancouver and a Christian artist who has shown internationally. When he heard about the Seminary's desire to inject art into its physical environment, he offered a relief sculpture that fits wonderfully into the chapel space and brings a focus for reflection as people gather for worship.
“Golgotha” is a triptych in mixed media based on the earlier works of the stations of the cross. Neil uses the tau cross because, he says, “I was afraid the other cross is used so much and has become a cliché. I didn’t want it to be nice. The varnished cross at the front of churches is too nice. I use metal because it’s hard, difficult, tough, like machines of war, hostile. Rough wood is used to keep the image rough. Blackness echoes darkness over whole earth and the darkness of the crucifixion. Red is a reference to blood. I wanted to use text but not to be read. It’s in black on black and runs on in letters to make the words less obvious, they are there to be discovered. The work exhibits a pattern that would every now and then make itself clear.”
The students, faculty, and staff are thankful to Neil for this rich addition to our chapel.
Cornelis [Neil] Prinsen and Golgotha, just prior to installation in the CLS Chapel


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