CLS Responds to Seminary Task Force Final Report

In December, the president of CLS sent a response to the Board of Directors of Lutheran Church–Canada, outlining the faculty’s concerns about certain statements made in the Final Report of the Task Force on Cost-Efficient, Sustainable Seminary Education. This response focused on three areas which the seminary faculty believes need to be addressed. First is the question of bias and inaccuracies. The faculty believes that the tone of the document makes it appear that the financial situations in Edmonton and St. Catharines are equally in crisis. Second is the issue of pastoral formation. The Report focuses almost exclusively on course delivery, and gives only brief mention to other issues surrounding the formation of pastors, such as character development and pastoral skills, which can take place only with extensive personal contact. Third, the Report falls short in dealing with the practical implications involved in implementing its recommendations.
Read the full report here (PDF).


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