2nd Annual Pastoral Gathering

One year ago today, CLS held an inaugural pastoral gathering. Invitations went out to pastors who lived within several hours' drive from the seminary, even as far as British Columbia and Saskatchewan. In April of 2010, twenty-two pastors attended, eager for conversation with their brothers on topics of unique interest. The goal of this gathering was not to be polemical, but to dialogue within a safe, fraternal environment. The gathering discussed uniformity in pastoral practice, pastoral education standards, and the church as leaven in the world, among other interesting topics. The feedback from these LCC pastors was unanimous, they said, “Please provide this opportunity again!”.

The faculty of CLS also felt that the event should be continued, and are hosting the 2nd Annual CLS Pastoral Gathering on Tuesday, May 17 at 2:00pm. Once again, pastors of LCC are invited to gather with CLS faculty to discuss topics of common interest. It is to be a safe place of sharing and mutual edification for the good of the church.

This year's general theme is “Pastor and Synod”, and invited guest, LCC president emeritus Dr. Edwin Lehmann, will open the gathering discussion.

As established last year, the discussions will focus on a set of statements or theses, that are to be submitted in advance. Not intended to be a formal presentation that has to be defended, but a starting point for the discussion of the general theme, the “theses” will guide the conversation so the discussion may be as rich as possible. Please consider submitting a thesis to President Zeuch before May 1st (mzeuch@concordiasem.ab.ca). Suggestions of themes for next year's pastoral gathering are also welcome.

There is no registration cost but we ask that you please RSVP to Rhonda Buck (rbuck@concordiasem.ab.ca) by May 1st if you plan on attending. We hope you can take this day for interaction between pastors with and in your seminary in Edmonton.


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    I wonder how this would go in the East?


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