CLS at the Central District Theological Lay School

While the primary activity of the seminary is the formation of future pastors for LCC, the faculty of CLS frequently engages in broader "extension" activity for the purpose of supporting the work of the members of synod. Between final exams and Sacred Convocation, Dr. Zeuch and Dr. Kettner will travel to two different churches in the Central District to serve as instructors in the Central District Theological Lay School.
Dr. Zeuch shares two days of the weeklong program at Epiphany Lutheran Church in Thunder Bay, Ontario. His module, one of three, is "Ethics for Daily Life".
Dr. Kettner teaches a three day "Catechism for Daily Life" module as part of the weeklong course at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Other instructors include Rev. Mark Dressler (CLS '01), Rev. Garry Heintz (CLS '02), and Rev. Cam Schnarr (CLTS '10).
The goal of the Central District theological Lay School (formerly known as the Lay Leadership School, and the Lay Enrichment School) is to spiritually enrich believers in Christ through in-depth study of the Bible, the Lutheran Confessions, and the practice of the Lutheran Church. A week of courses is made up of three evening and weekend modules; participants can choose to participate in one, two, or all of the modules. The Thunder Bay course runs from May 9th to 15th, the Winnipeg course runs from May 11th to 17th.
Detailed schedules and registration information can be found on the LCC Central District website.


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