License to Preach

The Master of Divinity program starts with a year-long orientation session. In a sense, this must be what it seems like for first year seminarians. In these eight months they are introduced to isagogics, exegesis, systematics, homiletics, and several other new things cleverly gathered together with theological buzz words. Scott Gamble and Roland Starke have reached that time of the program where they probably feel like the orientation is finally over. You see, one notable milestone for all first year full time Master of Divinity students comes at the completion of a course called Preaching 1. The objective is to learn and practice an orderly method of preaching doctrinally sound, contextually relevant sermons. Major emphases are the sermon writing process, sermon delivery, and distinguishing between Law and Gospel. While enrolled in this course, students received the privilege of preaching twice in worship services of their assigned fieldwork congregations; Scott at Christ the King Lutheran Church with Rev. Vic Esperanza (CLS '01) and Roland at Concordia Lutheran Church with Rev. Mark Hennig (CLS '03).
L-R: Prof. Kraemer, Roland Starke, Scott Gamble, Pres. Zeuch

Once a seminarian completes Preaching 1, he receives a License to Preach in Lutheran Church–Canada, and can also anticipate being scheduled to preach on occasion in the daily seminary chapel services. On Monday, May 2nd, Roland Starke and Scott Gamble received their Preaching Licenses. Please join us in congratulating each of them upon reaching this seminary milestone.


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