Postal Strike Affects Financial Support

While the postal workers and Canada Post are bargaining, there are ways to donate to Concordia Lutheran Seminary.
  • OnLine: you can make donations anytime through CanadaHelps.
  • Pre-Authorized Debits: download the forms here. Fill them in and return them to us by fax, by email (scanned images), or drop them off at the Seminary.
  • Through your local LCC church: drop a donation designated for the Seminary into the offering plate or give the donation to the church Treasurer. It will be forwarded through the District office to the Seminary.
  • Come in to the Seminary with your donation. We love to meet with donors and there may even be a cup of coffee available!


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    About the headline: AFFECT versus EFFECT

    I understand that the CAUSE (the Postal lock-out) will have an AFFECT (no mail-delivery of donations).

    However, I hope and pray that the blog-entry will EFFECT (to sway, to make a difference, to have an outcome) of increased usage of "alternative" methods of donation.

    P.S. If the suggestion is to pass donations to the financial officers of an individual congregation, how are those officers expected to "forward" the donations to the District Office? Courier? Obviously, they cannot use Canada Post! Will they just "hold" the donations, until the lock-out situation is resolved?


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