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Candidate Placements & Vicarage Assignments

2012 CANDIDATES Darren Michael Dressler - Shepherd of the Hills, Airdrie, Alberta Timothy Carl Schneider - Trinity, Golden, British Columbia Michael Montague - Christ, Red Lake, Ontario Rodney Craig Parker - Grace, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Stephen John Bartlett - Good Shepherd/Zion, Hudson Bay/Mistatim, Saskatchewan 2012 VICAR Roland Starke - Trinity, Abbotsford, British Columbia

Sacred Convocation Webcast

The graduation and placement service will be webcast at 7pm:

Matching Grant Challenge a Huge Success

It’s totally unbelievable!  Thanks be to God and thanks to all of you who participated in our Spring Challenge Initiative!  The unofficial tally of over 400 special gifts for the seminary program has topped $135,000.  This does not include the original challenge grants of $80,000 which provided the matching funds.