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Visit from the Webers, Bible Translators

Last week, as part of our Missionary for Lunch series, the seminary was visited by Martin and Joan Weber, Lutheran Bible Translators working with the Kwanja Language Project. They have been back in North America since early in 2012, and shared some of their 30 years of experience with us. In 1982, Martin and Joan began their work in Cameroon to learn the Kwanja language, analyzing it to develop an alphabet and writing it down. Translation work began and progressed as Martin worked with a Kwanja team including Pastor Nyigandj Samuel, Nganko Emmanuel, Yuare Jerome and others. The entire New Testament has been translated and was dedicated in December 2006. Their work continues in translating portions of the Old Testament and establishing a literacy curriculum to teach the Kwanjas to read in their own language. Pray that the Holy Spirit will direct and empower this work, that the Word of God in Kwanja will touch and change Kwanja lives, so they will know and follow Jesus as their Lord

Four Entrance Scholarships to be Awarded in 2013!

Do you know of someone who is planning to study at Concordia Lutheran Seminary to prepare to become a pastor? Are they ready to start but just do not have the money? For the 2013–2014 Academic Year only, four scholarships of $4,000 will be awarded to the top LCC students entering the Master of Divinity program. Applicants must have completed both the Greek and Hebrew language requirements and hold a minimum grade point average of 2.5. There is no special application form necessary, simply apply for the program. The application submission deadline to the MDiv program is April 1, 2013. “Every year we hear of potential students who have great academic qualifications, but who are planning to work a year or more because they just don’t have the funds,” says Professor Jonathan Kraemer, Director of Financial Aid. “We’re hoping these entrance scholarships will make it possible for them to begin their studies sooner than they thought possible.”  For more information see: http://www.con

Free Fall Quest course - starts next month

“Back to the Future: Missionaries of the Past and their Relevance for Canada's Mission Challenges” with Dr. Glenn Schaeffer is the next blended delivery course in the seminary's ongoing Quest series. QUEST participants will journey back in time to walk alongside cutting-edge Christian missionary strategists and practitioners. This expedition will take you to the bustling cities of Asia Minor and Greece and over the rugged landscape of Ireland. You will join the Celtic missionaries as they push through Europe’s wilderness of forest, swamps, and savage tribes. You will stroll through the Imperial Halls of Peking; eavesdrop on interreligious discussions with Brahmins in India; and shadow Martin Luther as he leads the Lutheran Reformation. Along the way you will meet and learn from: St. Paul: His Missionary Theology and Strategy St. Patrick, the Celtic Monastic Missionaries and Guinness Beer: The Luck of the Irish or Divine Providence? Matteo Ricci, Rober