Free Fall Quest course - starts next month

“Back to the Future: Missionaries of the Past and their Relevance for Canada's Mission Challenges” with Dr. Glenn Schaeffer is the next blended delivery course in the seminary's ongoing Quest series.

QUEST participants will journey back in time to walk alongside cutting-edge Christian missionary strategists and practitioners. This expedition will take you to the bustling cities of Asia Minor and Greece and over the rugged landscape of Ireland. You will join the Celtic missionaries as they push through Europe’s wilderness of forest, swamps, and savage tribes. You will stroll through the Imperial Halls of Peking; eavesdrop on interreligious discussions with Brahmins in India; and shadow Martin Luther as he leads the Lutheran Reformation.
Along the way you will meet and learn from:
  • St. Paul: His Missionary Theology and Strategy
  • St. Patrick, the Celtic Monastic Missionaries and Guinness Beer: The Luck of the Irish or Divine Providence?
  • Matteo Ricci, Robert DeNobili and other Accommodationalists: The Wave of the Future?
  • Martin Luther: A “Local Missionary” with Global Impact
The course runs for four consecutive Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm MST, beginning November 6th. Participants can attend online or in person at the seminary.
This free Quest course, which takes place in the seminary's distance-education classroom, is supported by your donations. If you have a computer with a decent quality internet connection capable of using Skype or watching YouTube videos, you are ready to participate. Join us online here:
Some Bible Study groups have taken advantage of the online classes by gathering where they could project the course on a screen. It is easy to set-up and get connected to the class, contact the seminary to get your group started.
(for more information, or to register for the free classes, contact Sandra Esperanza at or 780-474-1468 ext. 229.)


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