Fickenscher Returns the Call

Dr. Carl Fickenscher has returned the call to become Concordia Lutheran Seminary's next president. In the letter received at the seminary yesterday, Dr. Fickenscher says,
“Sadness, joy, and confidence all come with the decision...that I am returning the call to be president of Concordia Lutheran Seminary... I would have loved being part of your CLS family and Edmonton community. ...I believe we would have been blessed in our work for God together. I'm deeply honored to be called! ... Still, I have--we can all have!-- total confidence that God's kingdom in Edmonton and Canada will go forward exactly as He perfectly envisions! It's very obvious to me that CLS is in a position to flourish with its next president. The challenges I heard were actually exciting...Understanding that--the seminary is part of the Church, precious people of God preparing to minister to precious people of God, and not simply an institution or operation--assures us that God will be with us, accomplishing His wise and gracious will in Christ Jesus. That is certain!”
As prescribed in the Synod Handbook, the next step in the process for calling CLS's president will be for the electors to either reissue the call, elect from the remaining candidates on the short list, or request the Board of Regents to issue a new call for candidates.


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