Presidential Call Update

In keeping with Bylaw 6.11.a (2011 Handbook, Page 60) the Lutheran Church-Canada Board of Directors has authorized the electors and Board of Regents of Concordia Lutheran Seminary to proceed with their planned second call for nominations.


The Board of Regents of Concordia Lutheran Seminary (Edmonton) is issuing a call for nominations for the Office of President.  The President of CLS “shall be the executive officer of the Board of Regents and as such serve as the spiritual, academic, and administrative head thereof.” (Synodical Bylaw 6.13, Lutheran Church--Canada Handbook, 2011). For a more detailed description of the functions of the office of president, consult the Synodical Bylaw 6.13.
A nominated candidate should possess the following qualifications: 

  1. Be able to provide spiritual leadership by understanding himself as a servant for Jesus, namely by being humble, open, and attentive to the needs of others, including students, staff and faculty;
  2. Be an ordained clergyman of Lutheran Church---Canada or of a church body in altar and pulpit fellowship with LCC, particularly one who has had significant experience in parish ministry;
  3. Be supportive and understanding of the seminary’s primary task of pastoral formation.
  1. Be able to write and speak clearly and effectively to a variety of audiences from the academic community to members of local congregations;
  2. Possess the ability and credentials to provide credible academic oversight, particularly by holding an earned doctorate;
  3. Be known and respected within LCC as well as within theological circles.
  1. Understand and provide leadership in the financial aspects of seminary administration, including development and fundraising;
  2. Provide leadership in analysing and helping others work through difficult problems with the goal of achieving an acceptable solution;
  3. Be willing to travel in order to make connections with CLS’ constituency for purposes of development, recruitment, and public relations.

Please note that according to Synodical Bylaw 6.11.b only member congregations of the Synod, the Board of Directors, the Board of Regents, and the faculty of Concordia Lutheran Seminary are eligible to make nominations.

Please direct all nominations to the secretary of the Board of Regents:
Rev. Daryl Solie
190 Litzenberger Crescent
Regina, SK. S4R 5X9

The deadline for nominations is July 15, 2013


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