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2013 Matching Grant Challenge

In his letter to the Philippians (4:15), St. Paul commends his readers for providing support for his ministry in Thessalonica. Have you ever wondered why he would mention something like this in a letter which would be read by many other congregations, including us in our day? I think the reason is that he wanted the Philippians to be an example for other believers, a challenge for others to do likewise.   Challenges can be a good thing. They help us do extraordinary things; just talk to someone who has run a marathon. In the context of our seminary, we saw last year how a challenge enabled us to raise $240,000 in five weeks. What a blessing that was! What an encouragement to those of us who labour on your behalf to prepare men for the ministry of our church! Motivated by the love of Christ, a number of anonymous supporters have again offered a challenge to everyone else to support Concordia Lutheran Seminary with a special gift at this time. The challenge is for the seminary to raise $