2013 Matching Grant Challenge

In his letter to the Philippians (4:15), St. Paul commends his readers for providing support for his ministry in Thessalonica. Have you ever wondered why he would mention something like this in a letter which would be read by many other congregations, including us in our day? I think the reason is that he wanted the Philippians to be an example for other believers, a challenge for others to do likewise.  

Challenges can be a good thing. They help us do extraordinary things; just talk to someone who has run a marathon. In the context of our seminary, we saw last year how a challenge enabled us to raise $240,000 in five weeks. What a blessing that was! What an encouragement to those of us who labour on your behalf to prepare men for the ministry of our church!

Motivated by the love of Christ, a number of anonymous supporters have again offered a challenge to everyone else to support Concordia Lutheran Seminary with a special gift at this time. The challenge is for the seminary to raise $75,000 by June 15. They will match every dollar we raise dollar for dollar up to that figure.

We know, of course, that your gifts to the seminary will not be primarily motivated by this challenge; it is your love for God and your desire to see pastors prepared for the Gospel ministry of the Church that will motivate you. But it is nice to know that your gift will go twice as far because it is being matched.

These are challenging times for our Church and our Seminary. We are all called on to do more with less. But we are assured by the grace of God that all our challenges will be met. Please consider helping us meet this challenge. Time is limited but we are confident.

Thank you for participating in this exciting opportunity. Of course we’ll let you know the outcome.

Your Servant for Jesus’ Sake,

Dr. Norman J. Threinen
Interim President

P.S.  Will you consider helping us meet this exciting challenge?

Make cheques payable to:  Concordia Lutheran Seminary
Note: Matching Grant
Send to: 7040 Ada Blvd, Edmonton, AB, T5B 4E3


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    A wonderful opportunity to increase funds for the Seminary. I will be sending a cheque in support of this effort.


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