Seeking responses from LCC Pastors and Deacons

Our church needs pastors and deacons with the highest qualifications. Some of them are in your congregation. Some are still teenagers, some are training for the career that they think is their "destiny", and some are in a career in which they excel. The world wants them to do anything but enter training for the pastoral ministry or another church work career.
Concordia Lutheran Seminary is hosting a brief survey at, and we want each and every church worker in synod to fill it out. We have a laptop at the CLS booth at the 2013 Pastor and Deacon Conference in Calgary right now, where you can submit your response, or you can fill it out on our website - just look for the ENCOURAGE button on the homepage.
Your responses to this short survey will help us to plan our future initiatives, as we plan for the future of seminary and church work education in Lutheran Church–Canada.
We intend to use this information to make follow-up contact with you.


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