History Short Term - May 12-26

Dr. Richard Beinert of Winnipeg will be at CLS in May to teach a two week short term class, Apostolic Fathers through the 7th Ecumenical Council (HIS 110).
Dr. Beinert is an adjunct professor at CLS, and has been teaching very well-received short term history classes for several years. HIS 110 is open to Master of Divinity students and Open Studies students.
This is a regular 3 credit, masters-level course, but it can also be taken as an "audit" for a lower fee.
The seminary's Board of Regents recently approved a new policy allowing LCC rostered Churchworkers (Pastors and Deacons) to audit 3-credit courses for $100 ($25 per credit plus $25 registration fee). The regular audit fee is $100 per credit hour.
Send all inquiries to the Director of Admissions (admissions@concordiasem.ab.ca).


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