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Considering a New Vocation?

Many pastors answer the call after careers in other fields. Machinists, farmers, business owners, teachers, military men; these are ways many seminarians would have described their vocation only months before walking through the seminary doors into the Master of Divinity program. Some serve in other fields for months or years, some for decades. What they have in common is a desire to serve and the encouragement from others of faith who have seen their gifts in action. At CLS we know that  many men  have been considering this path and may be joining us in the next few years. If you have thought about making a transition from your current career to a career serving the church as a pastor, join this event for everyone in this stage of life, contemplating the impact of serving the church in a new career. Exploring Pastoral Vocation (for 2 nd Career Students) Date: Saturday, October 24th Time: 10:00am to 12:30pm       10:00 – welcome       10:15 – Matins in the Chapel