Candidate and Vicarage Placements

2017 Candidate Placement 
William Dean Rose, Brownsville, Oregon to Redeemer/Zion/Christ/St. Paul’s, Portage la Prairie/Plumas/Neepawa/McCreary, Manitoba

2017 Vicarage Placements
Shiekh Lief Mijares Mauricio, Iloilo, Philippines to Trinity Evangelical, Winkler, Manitoba

Michael Val Mayer, Wembley, Alberta to Redeemer, Didsbury, Alberta

Christopher Michael McLean, Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan to Redeemer, Kitimat, BC

Kenneth Stadnick, Edmonton, Alberta to Advent, Evansburg, Alberta

Alexander Chadwick Timm, Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan to Lord of Life, Kamloops, BC

2017 DPS Placement
Lenora Dawn Wallden, Chilliwack, British Columbia to Holy Cross, Kitchener, Ontario


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