Reformation Minute Launched Today

Today Dr. Chambers introduced the “Reformation Minute.”   CLS will  present every weekday throughout the fall semester a "Reformation Minute"  that will focus on some of the people and ideas that renewed the heart of Christ’s church, starting in earnest in the fall of 1517—five hundred years ago.

These talks will be viewed on campus at the end of each day’s chapel service, shared online through CLS’s website  the CLS YouTube Channel (, the CLS Webplayer and posted to the seminary’s app (Download from the App Store or Google Play).

Each day has its own theme:
·         Monday: Dr. John Hellwege talks about a key book about Luther.
·         Tuesday: Dr. Steve Chambers discusses an important portrait of Martin Luther.
·         Wednesday: Dr. Jim Gimbel introduces other “Faces of the Reformation.”
·         Thursday: Pastor Jonathan Kraemer shares about a major Reformation hymn.
·         Friday: Dr. John Hellwege talks about an outstanding book on Lutheran theology.

May each “Minute” remind us all of the Reformation’s real treasure—God’s forgiveness and love in Jesus.


  1. Wonderful idea! Love these short, informative posts.


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