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Our Quest course in the fall is on Wednesday evenings to accommodate Dr. Maxfield. Oct. 4, 11, 18 and 25th at 7:00 pm Alberta time.  See below that you can watch the classes via our YouTube channel approximately one week later once it is uploaded. 

Quest Course, Concordia Lutheran Seminary, October 2017 Rev. John A. Maxfield, PhD

Martin Luther’s Road to Reformation, 1483-1521 What better way to celebrate the “Reformation 500” anniversary than to learn about the man who started it all? In this course we will examine Martin Luther’s life and the development of his theology from his birth in 1483 to the controversy that developed thirty-five years later after his posting of the Ninety-Five Theses on Indulgences on October 31, 1517 and that initiated the Reformation.

Wed. Oct. 4:   Church Life and Spirituality in Germany on the Eve of the Reformation
                        Luther’s Family, Upbringing, and Education
Wed. Oct. 11: Life in a Monastery and Student of Theology
                        Luther as Professor of Theology and Maturing Theologian
Wed. Oct. 18: Luther’s “Reformation Discovery” of Justification by Faith—Early Developments
                                    and His Reflections as an Old Man
                        A Theologian of the Cross and the Beginnings of Reform
Wed. Oct. 25  The Controversy over the 95 Theses and the Development of a Reformer
                        A Wild Boar in the Vineyard?—The Road to Luther’s Stand at Worms

Dr. John A. Maxfield is an ordained pastor of Lutheran Church – Canada and serves as Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Concordia University of Edmonton. He teaches History of Christianity, Theology, and European History, specializing and publishing in the areas of the German Reformation and Luther Studies.

To join via Adobe Connect in live time (7:00 pm MDT) here are the instructions. 

If you wait the Quest courses are posted on our YouTube channel  or via our Web Player about a week later, which you can watch at your convenience.

To join online, simply follow:
Participants can view the live feed here:

Select "Enter as a Guest", type in your name (or group name), and click "Enter Room"

Once you have entered the "room", you will see that your screen is divided into several sections. Each section will contain a different portion of the presentation - such as live video, a list of participants, a chat room, and a power-point style presentation - once the class begins.

You will not need to broadcast your own video or audio. If you have questions, you have the opportunity to type them in the chat box for the instructor or moderator to see. Older computers and poor internet connections will negatively affect your experience; if you have concerns or questions about technical requirements, contact Anna ( prior to the class.


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