Quest - Fall 2019; updated

“Lutheran Distinctives”

You can still participate!

What is unique about being Lutheran? How does Lutheranism contribute to the greater Church? Why is Lutheran identity important today?

This fall’s Quest course at Concordia Lutheran Seminary explores “Lutheran Distinctives.” It is taught by Academic Dean, Dr. Stephen Chambers. All four evening sessions focus on Lutheran theological tradition that gives us a very special, irreplaceable role within the body of Christ.

Tuesday, 8 October:The Theology of the Cross: How God both hides himself and reveals himself.”
          Now recorded and available online. Use the link below.

Tuesday, 15 October:Two Kinds of Righteousness: Discerning God’s work and our work in our lives.”

Tuesday, 22 October:Two Kingdoms: How God works in both the church and the world.”

Tuesday, 29 October:Together Under the Cross: How we live in the means of grace.”

Quest runs from 7:00-9:00 PM MDT. Quest classes are free, at the seminary or online at
Each week has its own online link. Click the appropriate link on the Tuesday evening you want to participate or watch any of the recorded classes at your convenience. Watch individually or as a group. To secure a place, please register with Kathy Budgell at or 780-474-1468 ext. 225.


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