At the Seminary

We appreciate your prayers, partnership, and financial support for all the ways Concordia Lutheran Seminary works to form servants for Jesus' sake.
This winter's Short Term World Religions course had 4 students and Dr. Gimbel traveling to Thailand and Cambodia. It was a life-changing experience for them. We recently hosted the Concordia Lutheran Mission Society for one of their meetings. It was an opportunity for our students to meet with them, learn more about what they do, and to find ways to support each other. The CLS and CLTS Board of Regents will be meeting jointly February 4 and 5 at CLS.  The Ministerial Programme Committee will meet together and with students February 6 and 7. Our annual Timothy Lecture is scheduled for February 27 featuring Rev. Dr. Steven Harold. Pre-placement interviews will be unfolding for each of our students and, if married, his spouse (for both vicarage and first calls) in future weeks. The Final Overarching Exams (FOEs) will also involve our fourth-year candidates and faculty committees. All this is happening while the students are maintaining heavy learning schedules and responsibilities.


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