COVID-19 update

Dear Friends in Christ.
As of 5:30 Sunday evening, March 15, 2020, Alberta Health has updated and refined some of its citizen protections. One of them is that even though post-secondary campuses will remain open, students are prohibited from attending in person. We are prepared to deliver our classes online, as much as possible, though with some adaptations.
We want to comply with our public health officials in love for God that is also demonstrated by love for the neighbour. Overall, our goal is good health for each of us and our families, and a long and healthy future for our whole Church. We pray that God might be able to use this to strengthen witness to Christ and faith, hope, and trust in God.
Again, there will be no classes, chapel services, or student gatherings held on the CLS campus until further notice.
We will keep you posted about how this will impact the remainder of the academic year, and even the Sacred Convocation.
We are all impacted by this ... whether minor inconveniences or major illnesses, we live by God's grace in this age. Our God is faithful and true. We entrust everyone to God's care ... and will miss seeing students on campus in the next weeks.
May God keep you safe … we are praying for all of you.


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