Giving Tuesday? Giving Today

Missed Giving Tuesday? That's okay! Thankfully, God doesn't just give on Tuesdays ... He gives us our "daily" bread, "richly and daily providing" food and clothing and shelter and protection and care, in short, "all that I need to support this body and life." His covenant love endures each day anew, forever.

God "daily and richly" forgives me and all believers all of our sins. Each day we receive from Him. Any day is a good day to live for Him, to serve Him, to be a steward for Him. 

You can support CLS today! It is especially important, right now, as we face fiscal challenges near the end of 2020. We ask boldly, knowing that even in the most challenging times, God daily gives us what we need to live in hope and confidence in Him. Thank you for your prayers and partnership throughout the year, and your gift today


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