Friday, August 31, 2007

CLS Launches New Website…

…and this is it! For the first time in more than a decade CLS unveils a new website and a new look. Concordia Lutheran Seminary – come here if you want to learn, come here if you want to grow, come here if you want to serve.

Founders’ Day

A regular chapel service on September 10th will mark Founders’ Day. It has been 23 years to the day that advanced pastoral studies got underway in Edmonton.

The graduates of CLS are your pastors. Their ministries, and their ability to minister by proclaiming God’s Word, are the outcome of your Seminary’s labours. By preparing servants for Jesus’ sake, the Seminary is a place of multiplying the faith of the church; it prepares harvesters, teachers, proclaimers: ministers of God’s Word and Sacraments! The Seminary brings students together in class and in community fellowship so that they learn how to examine God’s Word, nurture our faith, share with us counsel and comfort, and help us in our life responses to God’s work through Jesus’ Christ.

Founders’ Day is a time for us to remember the people who have worked in faithfulness to God’s leading and providing for a seminary in Western Canada. Since the beginning of its ministry in September 1984 God has moved the hearts of thousands to give time and money to build and sustain the Seminary.

Founders’ Day Service will include installation of the CLS Guild Executive:

* President: Michelle Loveridge
* Vice-President: Marlene Astley
* Treasurer: Lorna Olson
* Secretary: Lillian Bulman
* Past President: Marilyn Jansen

The speaker is Rev. Kenneth Maher from Redeemer Lutheran Church, Prince Albert, SK. He is married and has two children. He is a graduate of CLS and has served in Prince Albert since his graduation in 1998. He is currently counselor for the Northland circuit in Saskatchewan.

Refreshments will be served by the Guild after the service.
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