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Missionary Symposium in Brazil

June 2-4, 2008, Prof. Jonathan Kraemer, Director of the Missionary Study Centre, participated in the Mission Symposium of the C.I.T.M., the Centro Internacional de Treinamento Missionário (International Center of Missionary Training).  Prof. Kraemer participated in response to the invitation by Prof. Anselmo Graf (Coordinator of C.I.T.M. and professor of Seminário Concórdia in São Leopoldo, Brazil) to CLS.  The Mission Symposium is held every 2 years under the heading of different themes in mission studies and draws pastors, professors, students and laypeople from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.  The theme for this year’s symposium was “Evangelistic Methods, Theology and Practice” and featured speakers Dr. Klaus Detlev Schulz of Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne and Dr. Leonardo Neitzel of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Vancouver and adjunct professor also of CLS.  One portion of the symposium was dedicated to hearing from representatives of each Church of the evangelisti