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CLS facing financial crunch!

Donations from the Christmas season appeal were significantly reduced. The Seminary usually receives a major outpouring of giving at the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Last year at this time we had a positive balance of $198,000; this year, in January, we face a deficit of $148,000.

Simply put, even though the Seminary administration has drastically trimmed costs, and is generally underspending, contributions over the last few months have not met Seminary needs. And since we depend on general donations for 65% of our budget, a reduction of any giving immediately impacts our budgets. CLS does not wish to end the fiscal year with a major deficit!

By donating, you directly make it possible for CLS to form pastors, servants for Jesus’ sake, to witness to salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and to equip lay leaders to testify of their faith and to serve. CLS’ existence depends, this year again, on YOUR HELP AND INVESTMENT. Without it, CLS can’t continue its m…