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Interim President Appointed

Rev. Dr. Norman Threinen has been appointed interim president of CLS, effective January 1, 2012. Dr. Threinen joined the faculty of CLS in 1984 as assistant professor. He became a full professor in 1993 and held this position until he retired in 2002. Dr. Threinen also served as Acting President of CLS during the 2003-2004 academic year. Dr. Threinen takes over as interim president from Rev. Dr. Edwin Lehman who is currently serving as Acting President following the resignation of President Manfred Zeuch on October 27, 2011.

Join us online!

Learn about CLS's involvement in ongoing archaeological project at Hippos, Israel: next Tuesday, Nov. 8th, from 7:00-9:00 pm. Twenty people have taken part in the Hippos project through CLS since 2006. Dr. Chambers plans to lead another group in July 2012. Participants work on the dig during the week, and tour other places of biblical and archaeological interest on the weekends. Hippos is a Roman city on the east shore of the Sea of Galilee, inhabited between the 2nd century BC and the 8th century AD. Within the city-wide excavation project, the seminary’s volunteers are part of a larger team from Concordia University (St. Paul, Minnesota) which is focusing on a church-complex. It contains a worship area, a pilgrimage site, the tombs of more than a dozen people, and a luxurious mansion. This two-hour illustrated talk is a special follow-up to the Quest course, “Let the Stones Speak,” which just ended. Roughly 50 people took part in each of the four sessions, about 20 of them in

Acting President Appointed

"The CLS Board of Regents has appointed Dr. Edwin Lehman, LCC President Emeritus, to serve as Acting President" was the announcement joyfully received by faculty, staff, and students after the morning chapel service today. This appointment will last until Christmas, at which time the Board intends to have a longer-term Acting President in place. Dr. Lehman served as Acting President of Concordia Lutheran Seminary in 1999/2000 between the service of Dr. L. Dean Hempelmann and Dr. Andy Bacon. We look forward to working with him again during this time of transition.