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Seeking responses from LCC Pastors and Deacons

Our church needs pastors and deacons with the highest qualifications. Some of them are in your congregation. Some are still teenagers, some are training for the career that they think is their "destiny", and some are in a career in which they excel. The world wants them to do anything but enter training for the pastoral ministry or another church work career. Concordia Lutheran Seminary is hosting a brief survey at , and we want each and every church worker in synod to fill it out. We have a laptop at the CLS booth at the 2013 Pastor and Deacon Conference in Calgary right now, where you can submit your response, or you can fill it out on our website - just look for the ENCOURAGE button on the homepage. Your responses to this short survey will help us to plan our future initiatives, as we plan for the future of seminary and church work education in Lutheran Church–Canada. We intend to use this information to make follow-up contact with you.

CLS Board Calls President

Dr. James Gimbel has received a call from the Board of Regents of CLS to the position of President. The seminary’s electors conducted interviews and cast their votes last Friday. From the Canadian Lutheran :  Dr. Gimbel has served as a professor at Concordia University, St. Paul, Minnesota, since 2002, where he has done extensive work in leadership and management. Prior to that he was a senior editor of youth, family, and Sunday School materials for Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis. In addition to these areas of service to the church-at-large, he was a parish pastor in North Dakota in the early years of his ministry, and has worked virtually non-stop in assisting congregations, district, and educational institutions to carry out self-studies and in conflict resolution. (more information to come...)

Four Entrance Scholarships to be Awarded Again in 2014!

For a second year, four $4,000 scholarships will be awarded to the top LCC students entering the Master of Divinity program in the 2014 - 2015 Academic Year. Applicants must have completed both the Greek and Hebrew language requirements and hold a minimum grade point average of 2.5. All MDiv applicants who meet the criteria will be considered for the scholarships. Please note, though, that while the deadline for application to the MDiv program is April 1, 2014 those who wish to be considered for an Entrance Scholarship must submit their application to the MDiv Program by February 1, 2014.

Call for Honourary Awards

Individuals, congregations, and Boards of LCC are invited to submit the names of persons to be considered for one of the seminary’s honourary degrees and awards. The purpose of these honourary degrees and awards is to acknowledge outstanding service to the church, the seminary, and the community. Available degrees are: Doctor of Laws (LL.D), Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.), Doctor of Divinity (D.D.). Available awards are: Faith in Life, Friend of the Seminary, Doulos Dia Iesoun. A description of the awards and degrees and the forms required for each are available at . Desirable qualifications for each position are listed on each nomination form. Completed forms must be received by January 1, 2014, for consideration. Degrees and awards will be presented at the seminary’s Sacred Convocation on May 30, 2014. Contact:    Prof. Jonathan Kraemer, faculty secretary         Concordia Lutheran Seminary         7040 Ada Blvd.         Edmonton, AB  T5B 4E3