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Next Quest Class: “HIS-story: God and His People in the Old Testament”

How well do you know the story of the Old Testament? It spreads across time and space, anticipating everything God eventually did through Christ to redeem the whole world. Even so, the story of God and his people Israel has value and integrity of its own. This story is the focus of this fall’s Quest course, which will be team-taught by a mix of CLS faculty and parish pastors. Please join us for this course on all four Tuesday evenings in October, from 7-9 p.m. on the CLS campus or via web-based audio-video link. (more info here) There is no cost to participate, but kindly register for the course by email ( or phone (780-474-1468, ext. 225).   Tues Oct 4:      Intro to the OT and the course (Dr. Steve Chambers)                         Origins (Dr. Vern Raaflaub) Tues Oct 11:    Patriarchs (Rev. Jonathan Kraemer)                         Exodus (Rev. Jonathan Kraemer) Tues Oct 18:    Conquest & Settlement (Rev. Darren Dressler)                         The Unit