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A reciprocal borrowing program for the CLS library

CLS has joined a reciprocal borrowing program through the American Theological Library Association (ALTA). This will be a great help to our distance education students, who can borrow books from participating theological libraries in their own communities. It will also help our local students and faculty members while travelling. If either of these situations pertains to you, check with CLS librarian Anna Yang for details on how to take advantage of this program!

2018 "Quest" Course

Dr. John Maxfield returns for Part Two of his well-received Quest course, starting on Wednesday, April 11.
Builiding on October’s course, Luther’s Road to Reformation, Dr. Maxfield will cover Luther’s leadership of the evangelical movement as it developed into the Reformation and finally into independent Lutheran church structures by the end of the 1520s.
Join the new Quest course on Wednesday nights, 7:00-9:00 pm on CLS campus.
April 11:  Reform from Exile: Luther at Wartburg; Reform in Wittenberg and Luther’s Return
April 18:  Confrontation with “Fanatics” – Controversy among Evangelicals over the Character and Goals of the Reformation
April 25:  A Violent Reformation? The Revolution of 1525 and Its Impact; The Growth, Implementation, and Diversity of the Reformation
May 2:    Diverse Visions of Reform in Conflict: Controversy over the Sacraments From Political Protest to Lutheran Confession, 1529-1530