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New Testament Greek by distance education

BL-092/ 093, New Testament Greek, can meet different goals for different people. Laypeople will gain the ability to read the New Testament in its original language. Pre-seminary students will acquire the competence they need to begin seminary classes. Pastors will refresh their ability to prepare for sermons and Bible classes. Starting on Tuesday September 4, Concordia Lutheran Seminary is offering an evening course in New Testament Greek. This is a 9-month course being offered by distance education, so you can access it on the internet from anywhere. It meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30 pm (Mountain Time). In addition to these two “live” class sessions every week, led by the instructor, the course relies heavily on students’ independent work using the course’s textbook, workbook, and online materials. The course follows William Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek (3 rd edition). A syllabus is available upon request. The course is reasonably priced at $250 per

Adopt A Student

Consider adopting a student for 2018-2019. Check out the program through the Adopt-A-Student links on our Support or Enrolment pages. You can make a difference is a student's life.